When you Rent a Storage or a Storage Server, we understand the importance that reliability and continuity play in the work environment. At HCCS India, you can Rent Storage devices such as SAN, NAS or DAS manufactured by the best storage brands in the business, from us. And with the configuration and storage capacity that you require.

When you Rent a Storage in Mumbai or any of the 15 cities we provide our products and services in across India, you get flexibility, reliability and an uninterrupted support. And at a price which will bring a smile on your lips.

HCCS India is a 10-year-old company in the IT industry specializing in Storage & Server rentals.  We are grateful to count the who’s who of corporate India and the top IT and consulting companies in India as our loyal customers.

HCCS India has a retention rate of over 96% which shows how happy our customers are with us, the quality of our equipment and our top-notch service.

Taking a Storage box on Rent in Mumbai, or any of the other cities, will give you a cost advantage, free up your capital to utilize it for better returns, ensure you get the fastest support possible, even round the clock, 24/7/365*, and all your equipment is free of any expansion limitations. Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind.

When you Rent a Storage, it’s got to be about Service & Reliability, and at HCCS India we assure you of that!

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